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Critter Minus is a family operated company specializing in the humane removal of all nuisance wildlife. We are licensed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Division and are fully insured. We commonly deal with all aspects of wildlife animal control such as squirrel, Raccoon, rat, bat and more. We offer poison free wildlife solutions that are guaranteed to solve your problem. Give us a call today and ask how we can help you.

EXCLUSION OF WILDLIFE ANIMALS (squirrel,roof rat,bat and more)

The term Exclusion refers to sealing up holes or entry points that wildlife may use to enter your home or property. In many cases exclusion may be the only permanent solution to a nuisance wildlife problem.

Squirrels and raccoons find openings and weak points around your home to take advantage of. Exclusion is the only way to keep these critters outside where they belong. Exclusion will prevent animals like bats and roof rats from finding shelter in and around your home. Without shelter, animals will not find your property a desirable place to reside. Most wildlife conflict can be resolved with the use of proper animal exclusion  techniques. Give us a call today and ask us how exclusion can help solve your wildlife problem once and for good.



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